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A collection of 690 unique characters paying tribute to the artists that have shaped CC0 culture. No roadmaps, just vibes.

Season 2 minting starts at 11:00PM UTC on 09/08/22.

690 characters
CC0 license
004 seasons

About The Nouneys

The Nouneys are a collection of 690 unique characters from designer Matt Downey that pay tribute to the artists shaping CC0 culture. Like their predicessors, all Nouneys are CC0 and all copyrights have been waived.

About the contract

The Nouneys contract is ERC721A, which is gas-efficient and supports minting multiple tokens for close to the cost of minting one. Other projects who have used this contract include Azuki, Moonbirds, Doodles, and more.

Built with Block::Block code.